Wednesday, 8 November 2017

How I made 35% on my BHP Shares in Less Than 6 Months in my SMSF.

I just made 35% on my BHP shares in my Self-Managed Superannuation Fund in less than 6 months by following exactly the same principles I set out on Page 203 of my book The Collapse of SMSFs where I tell you what I did with BHP shares and how I did it.

This is no BS. For those of you who don't believe me then above is a screen shot of my SMSF Comsec account I took today.

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Friday, 20 October 2017

How to get the money out of your company tax free!

Is your money tied up in your company and you don't know how to get at it out Tax Free?

Too many business owners have their money tied up in their company and they don't know how to get it out TAX FREE. I am amazed when I look at the financial accounts prepared by so-called "smart accountants" and to my horror I see that the company has large imputation credits from past tax paid, a credit loan account where the business owner has actually put capital into the company over the years and is owed it back, AND to top it off, the business owner is getting paid a wage with group tax deducted!

Crazy. Here are three steps to get that money out tax free that is yours:

  1. Stop paying yourself a wage. Make it a loan repayment of monies that are owed to you anyway. It can be the same amount you are getting paid as a net wage.
  2. If your company doesn't owe you money, then simply convert your wage into a fully franked dividend if your company has unused imputation credits in its Franking Account. You still get paid the same weekly amount BUT you will also get a tax credit of 30% attached to it. Fantastic!
  3. Stop paying any other ancillary expenses that you were paying on your wage such as WorkCover, Super and Group Tax.

These are 3 simple steps you can implement TODAY and get your money out of your company TAX FREE.

Call me or email me and I will show you how.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Dumbest Tax Ever

Why the Backpackers Tax is the “Dumbest” Tax Ever in Australia

Backpackers and itinerant workers will now pay 15% on income that they earn in Australia.  It is the dumbest tax I have ever seen to date. It will cement Australia’s place as the #1 country in the world as the most over-taxed, expensive and unattractive place to visit. It is the dumbest tax for the following reasons:

  1.  You want to encourage tourists and itinerant backpackers who are on limited stay visas to come to Australia and be ambassadors when they go home to tell their fellow countrymen on how great Australia is and that they too should visit this great land.  Do not forget that Australia is effectively thousands of miles from anywhere in the middle of the ocean. The Government needs to give every incentive possible to the tourist industry to attract all types of visitors.  By charging backpackers a 15% backpacker’s tax, you are simply going to scare them off and they will travel to other countries.
  2.  The effective rate on backpackers will now be 25% and not 15%.  Don’t forget that this country has a 10% Consumption Tax (GST) which means backpackers will now pay 25% in total tax when they are here
  3.  Our primary producers especially fruit farmers rely heavily on itinerant backpackers during their picking season and by charging a 15% backpacker tax, we are effectively kicking our farmers in the guts.  Lazy Australians simply do not want to do the work and are more than happy to receive the 15% backpacker’s tax as unemployment benefits after a backpacker has already paid it as a tax.  Lazy Australians don’t want to do the work! It’s a fact! Give incentives to overseas backpackers to come to this country and pay $0 tax (yes zero tax, nil nothing, nada).
  4. Let’s face it, whatever backpackers earn in Australia whilst they are here, they spend in Australia whilst they are here.  It goes back into the economy. Unless you are blind, dumb or stupid, every bar, pub, casual eating restaurant, fast-food joint in every regional or costal town is packed with backpackers from Brisbane all the way up to Cook Town.  They spend what they earn on food, drink, accommodation and tourist trips.  You will discourage them from spending this money in Australia and in fact they will spend less here and it will not find its way back into the economy and help economic growth and regional small businesses. 
  5. You are also kicking the tourist operators in the guts.  With a few more dollars in their back pocket, I know as a backpacker myself travelling around Europe, I had more money to spend on sightseeing, day tours, putting money back into the European and UK economies where basically myself and my friend Grant, ate, drank and spent everything that we earn't every week. If you discourage this with a backpacker’s tax then the Australian economy will shrink.

This is once again another nail in the coffin of Australia’s economy.  Australia is only a population of 22 million people.  You need a thriving tourist and primary production industry.  You need people to continuously come to this country and spend their Pounds, Euros, US dollars, or Danish Krone.  We want tourists and backpackers to go back to their country of origin and say:

“Wow Australia is a great place to visit and I earnt money over there and paid zero tax.  It certainly helped me stay longer, spend more and travel further and sightsee a lot more places in that big country!”

Or, under the backpackers tax they will now have the conversation with their friends and families back home that will go like this:

“Geeze, I got slugged a 15% tax in Australia when I was working over there as a backpacker!  I had to come home early because I ran out of money and I didn’t spend as much on what I thought I would.  I only saw half the attractions and travelled less within the country. Don’t go to Australia because it is too expensive and they tax you too much!”

So which country do you want?  One where visitors pour into and spend what they earn here and help bolster and support tourism, the economy and our local farmers?  Or do you want a country where we send a clear message across the world that we just rip people off by ever increasing rates of tax and introduction new ways to rip people off with more tax?

Thursday, 3 November 2016

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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Brisbane Unit Prices Set to Plummet By 25%!

Your retirement property investment could be in for a bumpy ride. Property con-men have given their clients bad advice. They knew this would happen and yet they kept telling people to buy inner-city units as a "good investment!" I know ASIC is getting involved and is tracking down the property spruikers who were giving dodgy advice that was in their own self-interest.  I've been telling people for over three years now that there is an oversupply. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Click Here to Watch the Video

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

How I Saved Chris over $113,000 in tax

How I Saved Chris Over $113,000 in Tax

Chris Gilmour as seen on Foxtel is one of Australia's most known real estate agents in the country and is currently ranked 3rd in Australia for the most properties sold in the past 12 months & Chris is Currently the #1 Selling Agent in QLD for the most properties SOLD in the past 12 Months Source

AND this is why I'm his Accountant:

Monday, 16 May 2016

How to Save a Fortune in Tax - Simple: Make Me Your Accountant!

Amy Hopes reviewed Snelleksz & Co.

"Matthew and his team just saved me a fortune in company     tax! Wonderful to work with and a fabulous result."

Sent: Thursday, 12 May 2016 8:38 AM
To: Snelleksz Reception

Hi Matthew,

Thanks so much for re doing my last years accounts so quickly and saving me $31,000 in tax. I really feel like I won the lottery!
I will be telling everyone I know about how you actually do your job well, efficiently and achieve what you set out to do.
I feel secure in the fact I can rely on you to look after me and my business in regard to my accounts and I can get on with focusing on the day to day running of my business. One less thing I need to worry about!
Thank you again!

Kind regards,
Amy Hopes, Director

Amy's previous accountant couldn't really care about how much tax she paid. Like most accountants they just put numbers in boxes and gave her a bill. I treat each client as though I have to pay their tax not them!

Contact me now and I will undertake a FREE appraisal of your business to see what can be done better.

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